Monday, September 24, 2012

With great power, comes great responsibility

Well it has been a a few days since I've had a idea on something that I wanted to share. First of all I want to say thank you for everyone that has read my blog. I started about a week and a half ago and the last read count was 485. I didn't think that anything that I had to say was that interesting, so thank you for reading, and validating something that I have always loved to do but never really had the opportunity, or means.

This being a sports themed blog I feel obligated to comment on the Football game that was played on Sunday. You know I thought I would be more upset at the Lions for loosing the game, and if the would have lost in regulation time I probably would be. But with the comeback that they made was nothing less than inspired and the hail Mary in the last second to tie the game, was well lets just say that I didn't really have a voice for much of the day today. Next the fact that they held the Titans to a field goal, and they lost on a bad spot by the replacement refs, I cant really be upset at them for that. They did everything they needed to do to win, and just got some terrible calls. I hope the lockout ends soon, so we can get the regular refs back soon.

On to the next point. I have really thought about the whole concept of this blog. I don't want it to be just a place for me to come and vent. I want it to be a place where my life and words can encourage and possibly inspire my readers with a few sports updates thrown in here and there. A great man once said "With great power comes great responsibility" what greater power is there, than the ability to encourage and inspire. Without inspiration do you think that Edison would have invented the light bulb. If he would have given up after his first hundred failures this would be a very different world. Edison was once asked about those hundred failures. He said the he didn't view them as failures he viewed them as a hundred different ways not to make a light bulb.

With all that being said, I feel very privileged to be here at this moment putting my thoughts into words, and that those words will be read by my friends, in the hopes that you find them helpful. I also want to let you know that I really do love writing to you guys and that any feedback you have to make this blog more helpful would be greatly appreciated.

I really look forward to the next time. I have an open seat so I hope you can join me for My Life in the Cheap Seats.

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