Friday, September 14, 2012

First timer....

So this is it... I gave in. I fell to the pressure  to conform to society. I have done something that I honestly thought I would never do. I started a blog. I probably have my wife to thank for this, even i have never mentioned doing one before. I started thinking about it and came to the relization that it is a good way to vent about absolutly anything that I wanted to, and you cant do anything about it.

Well if you dont already know who I am, my name is Josh Miller. I have been married for what seems like nine years, to the best woman in the world.I have two and a quater kids; Abby is 6 going on 15, Jazi is 4 and full of attitude, and that other quater we like to call gummie bear is due in mid to late March.

Being a huge sports fan, i decided to title the blog "Life in the Cheap Seats" because thats how I view Life. We will never be wealthy. There I said it. We will never win the lottery, so I can save that five dollars. Plus for those of you sitting with me in the "cheap seats"  you usually get a better prospective up here in the nosebleed section.  So I will use this as a way to vent, complain, discuss, praise, brag and any other verb that you want to throw in there. Im sure there WILL BE a Detroit Lions refrence at least once in every post, and for those of you that know me, posts made on the day afer my Lions Play will probable either be full of profanity (not really) or full of praise (really).

I will also use this as an outlet for those days that I just need to vent, so if you read it and fail to find a sports refrence, know that it must have been a rough day, and there are plenty of those. So I hope this blog helps you find a little bit of entertainment, maybe a little bit of inside info into my life, and prospective from life in the cheap seats...

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