Saturday, September 15, 2012

The four types of guys..

Being a Newbie, I'm not exactly sure how often I am suppose to do this. Once a day? Twice a week? I just don't know. But after posting my first post yesterday, I'm thinking that i got hooked. There is something about putting yourself out there, with no fear of retribution. Those of you who know my, know that  I really cant keep my mouth shut about anything, if I have an opinion I will give it. If I don't like something, I will tell you. Oh and don't you dare mess with my family or you will see an ugly side to this normally calm demeanour. Even typing that it was hard to do it with a straight face. I am an emotional guy, and that is something that the "Guy" is not suppose to be. I don't care. I am who I am, and you either love me or hate me, your choice no skin off my back.

Now that you know me, or at least part of me, let me share an observation with you. The way I see it from up here in the "Cheap Seats" is that there are four kinds of guys in this world; guys that like sports, guys that like cars, guys who like sports and cars, and guys who don't like either. First of all, ladies stay away from the latter. Guys who don't like either, well there is something inherently wrong with that. It was programmed into our DNA. Its true if you look at it under a microscope you should see either Grass or Gas. If you don't, Run.

Second is the guy who likes both sports and cars. Now this is the most common stereotype for guys. Just because he as an extra appendage automatically makes him an expert on every sport known to man, and that he can fix your car with a tooth brush, a belt, and a roll of duct tape. Well to give him some credit, a guy should be able to fix anything with duct tape, and if he cant hes not using enough. I thought that I may be included in this category, because I bleed Honolulu Blue and I work at a car dealership in the parts department. Well truth be told, I don't really fit here. Wanna hear a secret? I don't really care about cars. that being said, I do like my job but I will not go out of my way to spend extra time that I don't have being with cars. Those of you who do, more power to you. The world need men like you.

Next there is the kind of guy who loves cars but not sports. The back yard mechanic who spends his Saturdays supping up an old barracuda, or just changing the brakes on his wife's grand prix. He is the kind of guy that will help anyone who needs it, just because he loves the feel of grease on his hands and the smell of exhaust. Guys if you find yourself in this category, consider yourself privileged for you don't know what you mean to the people that you help out. I have found myself lucky to call one of these men, friend. Thank you.

And last but defiantly not least is the type that i find myself fitting into. The sports fan. Whether it be baseball, football, hockey, or cheer leading we love sports. I know some of you guys are laughing and saying cheer leading isn't a sport. I was once one of you. But truth be told when your at a football game or basketball game, how many of you men watch the cheerleaders almost as much as the game. Being a sports fan isn't a hobby, its a way of life. Men devoted to their teams, will remain devoted to their team till death. With that devotion comes rivalry. Its a little known fact that WWII was actually started over a disagreement on which team would win the world series in 1939. Hitler wanted the Cincinnati Reds to win, most of Europe wanted the Yankees to win(whats new). When the Yankees won Hitler invaded France... Its true look it up. OK don't but you get my point. Although I do have a good friend that got in a fist fight, in Church no less, defending his beloved wolverines.

So with all that being said I am really glad that spent the time listening to my opinion. I will probably take tomorrow off, due to it being Sunday so i might not have time to write. The Lions are going to San Fran for a rematch of the Handshake, so there will be alot of praying going on tomorrow. Good Luck boys.


  1. Cute post and I know you are kidding around, but I will say that I disagree with you totally about that fourth kind of man. I have a brother and a son who like neither sports nor cars and are amazing men. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G men. I don't think you can lump them into a category to stay away from for sure. My brother is one of the best family men I know and my son is an incredibly spiritual and caring young man. They both have very diverse interests and I love talking to them about it. So, there ya go, felt I needed to say something to defend some really great guys I know.

    1. Your right... I was joking, just kind of making a point about the other three.