Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Game of Life...

How can we please everyone? I don't think it is possible. Through out my life I have been really concerned on how others view me. I don't know if it was growing up heavy, or what it was but I have always been self conscious. I have recently realized that, the way I have been viewing myself, is not healthy. It can cause you physical damage trying to please everyone. It has only been within the last six or seven months that I really started to view my life in a different way.

That is partly how I came up with this blog. I picture myself like a football game. My life is the game. I am up here in the Cheap Seats, looking down watching "The Game" of my life. Looking at it from this prospective, helps you view your life in a different way. You realize that there are only four quarters to your "Game" and you cant spend the entire game on the sideline. Sometimes your on offence, and sometimes your on defence. You have to manage the clock using your time wisely to make sure that your team comes out on top.  There are ups and down, sometime you will throw an interception, or fumble the ball. Its part of the game. If you look at your life with this prospective, it might just make you rethink how you are using your time, are you in a no huddle offence, trying to outwit and out play the defence. Or are you on a defence with its hands on its knees, tired out and back peddling, trying to not get run over.

With all that being said, it brings me back to my original point. How can we please everyone? From my prospective, trying to please everyone is like, trying to throw a touchdown on every play. Eventually you will score but there are a lot of incomplete passes before you do. You get really tired from running all the routes, and will not have gas in the tank for deep in the fourth quarter.

I have recently been faced with a few people that just seem impossible to please. I tare my self up over not being able to make these people happy. Its part of my personality. Them not liking me or what I did, makes me question myself. So I have to keep reminding myself, I'm not on the fifty yard line. Look at the big picture. Your not even at half time yet and you have the lead. Don't take deep passes down field every down. Be confident, and run the ball.

Just keep reminding yourself to view your Life In The Cheap Seats...

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