Sunday, January 27, 2013

Please don't hold it agianst me.

Da da da... back by popular demand, after a much needed hiatus I have something on my heart for the last few weeks. Most of you know that my wife, Amanda is seven months pregnant, wow seven months already. Time flies. In less than two months I will be welcoming our final baby into the world. Yes it will be our final child. We are going to make sure of that.

But in preparing for this new child, I have been working some crazy hours at work. Partly because of the baby, partly because of the new responsibilities that I have at work. I realize that life is only the first part of our journey though existence and our children are only small for a short time.

This is the hard part for me. Financially we need the money that God has provided with the extra hours at work, but to what extent is to much. How do I separate work and home. There is the old saying "Leave work at the office" but seriously how does one do that. On the flip side how does one put past the side of leaving his family at home to work all these hours?

I don't want my children to feel like they are growing up without a dad. Also on the other hand I want to be able to provide for my family, so that my wife will be able to work part time and be the mom that my children need.

I cant get the thought out of my head that I am abandoning my child to life the life of a single parent. With working ten to eleven hours a day, six days a week, I come home from a long day of dealing with grumpy technicians, and idiot costumers to two girls excited to see their dad and all I can do is flop on the couch and give them a hug. I cant get up and chase them and play with them the way that they deserve. The last thing I want to do is loose my temper with them or the wife, but it seems like that eventually happens anyway.

I know that my children love me...

I know that my wife loves me...

I know that God loves me...

All for the person that I am.

For the person I am trying to be...

And for the person that I will be,,,

I just hope they realize that everything I do is for them and they wont hold it against me.

Thanks for reading this edition of Life in the Cheap Seats. Until next time, save me a seat.