Monday, October 8, 2012

My deep dark secret

I have been waiting patiently for the light bulb to flash, for a sudden epiphany to impart that piece of my humanity from my particular point of view. Driving home from work that said light bulb flashed. This is probably one of my biggest issues, and I hate to admit it. If you know me, I have a small stubborn side, and to admit anything that goes against that side rarely sees the light of day and stays buried deep inside so no one can see it.

It’s not fair to yourself, but its only something you can change. Forgiveness. There I said it. I absolutely suck at it. I don’t like doing it. Why would I want to forgive somebody for hurting me or my family? It's no big deal. All you have to do is avoid them. These are lies that we all tell ourselves to convince ourselves that its ok to stay upset.

Let’s get one thing strait, you can forgive someone and still be upset. Deep down, it’s a personal decision to make a conscious effort to forgive, weather you’re at fault or not. A lot of times people don’t even know that they hurt you, so how are they supposed to ask for forgiveness. It is at this point where you have to dig deep and forgive them for something they didn’t even know that they did.

On the other hand there are events in your life where you are so deeply hurt by someone that, that certain type of forgiveness isn’t what you’re looking for. You’re looking for the type where you say, They caused me pain and they need to apologize. You have to realize that this might not happen, and move on. Forgive them. That doesn’t mean that you have to continue a relationship with that person, but the fact that you have forgiven them means that even though it feels like you lost the game, you come out on top.

Forgiveness is a game changer. It is that shift in momentum that a team looks for to turn the game around. Are you having a rough time? Is there someone out there that has done you wrong? Forgive them. See if it is that swing of momentum to your favor, and helps you to pull out the comeback. Let’s be honest. When you’re holding a grudge at someone, anytime that person crosses your mind, you get angry. That’s normal. Once you have forgiven that grudge, it feels like that pick six to put you in the lead.

I’m still going to say that just because you have forgiven a certain grudge, sometime ties still need to be cut. You can do that. Sometimes it is harder than others, but forgiveness brings you out of the funk that having a grudge can cause. With all this being said I kind of feel like I’m saying "Do as I say not as I Do" because I absolutely suck at doing this. I guess that is my I found inspiration in this topic. If I struggle with this than I can’t be the only one. So if this can help anyone than it did its job.

Thanks for reading today, let me know what you think. If there is something you would like me to talk about, comment with a topic. Until next time enjoy Life in the Cheap Seats.

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