Sunday, December 23, 2012

Im sure im going to make a few people mad with this post...

OK Ive had it.. I think its time to explore the real first Christmas. You all know what I believe. I think its time to really dig into what it was like that first Christmas. There are a few things that I really want to talk about that i feel need to be brought up. I'm not against celebrating Christmas on Dec 25 but lets be honest how did they come up with that date anyway? I have done some research on that subject and found out that Christmas is actually a combination of two separate catholic holidays. One being Saint Nicholas Day and the Second being Christ Mass. The church started celebrating both of these events on December 25, the date of a traditional Christ Mass.

So if December 25 is the day that they celebrate Christ Mass, what day was Jesus born on? Was he too born on December 25? The the answer to that is no. Absolutely not. The Christmas story that we all read every year gives us an approximate date but nothing absolute. Luke 1 says that in the sixth month the angle of the lord came to Mary and told her that she would conceive. Last time I check there were only six months between the sixth month and the twelfth month. So using this logic, it puts Jesus birth right around March.

So at this point on December 25 we are actualling celebrating the combination of two different days, and not the real birth of Jesus. So I implore to you that this year lets not celebrate the day of December 25. Lets celebrate the events of what happen so long ago. The day that Grace came into the world. The day that true Mercy showed its face for the first time. The day that Satan lost,

The next thing I really want to look at, is the Nativity. Have any of you ever really been in a barn, not like a barn at the petting zoo. An actual working barn, with cattle and horses, sheep and goats. I'm sure that was not the most pleasant smelling place if you know what I mean. So just imagine your savior, being born in a place like this. At night after the livestock had been fed, I'm sure the stalls haven't been mucked out in a while. Christ left his throne to be place in a feeding trough with a bunch of livestock. He humbly gave up is glory to provide mediation between man and God.

I really hope this gives you a clearer picture of what it was like so long ago. The birth of the savior, was not the picture that we have been sold for the last 2000 years, it was an event that took place in a meesy barn, to give us a mansion in glory.

so this year, lets try to celebrate the event, and not a day. thanks for listening to me rant...
see you next time on LIFE IN THE CHEAP SEATs.

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